The Family Law Handbook, 5th Edition


The Family Law Handbook, 5th Edition

Mar 2019
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The Family Law Handbook, 5th edition is a practical guide for people involved in or thinking about separation or divorce. Written in plain English, it explains the workings of the Australian system of family law and sets out the practical issues to be dealt with by a separating couple.

The Family Law Handbook addresses not only how the family law system works, but all aspects of separation and the making of workable parenting, property and financial arrangements for a successful post-separation life, including:
  • what to do immediately after separation
  • how to negotiate with your former partner
  • how family dispute resolution works
  • making the best possible arrangements for children
  • how to achieve a fair property settlement
  • what happens at court and what each party, with or without a lawyer, should do.
This book contains samples of parenting plan provisions, court orders, forms and affidavits that can be adapted for individual use, and a list of useful contacts and resources.
The Family Law Handbook, 5th edition addresses the introduction of same-sex marriage in Australia, features an updated, re-designed section on the popular consent order process, and provides new material for and about young people involved in family law disputes. It is a must-have for people experiencing separation and for anyone involved in a post-separation dispute. It is a most valuable reference, also, for workers in the field of family law – including family dispute resolution practitioners, educators, social workers, court staff, students and legal practitioners.