Criminal Litigation in Hong Kong - 4th Edition


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Criminal Litigation in Hong Kong - 4th Edition
Dec 2021

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“The book provides a breadth of practical information … to address the whole gamut of issues that arise in the everyday practice of criminal law … an invaluable resource for both practitioners and students” From the Foreword by The Honourable Mr Justice Lunn
Criminal Litigation in Hong Kong is a practical ‘survival kit’ for criminal law.  It emphasises good professional practice and risk avoidance measures to protect the practicing solicitor from accusations of negligence or unprofessional conduct.  It focuses on problems practitioners are likely to encounter, provides practical guidance on how to deal with these situations, and to obtain the maximum advantage for the client. Along with this, the title illustrates processes from receiving clients’ instructions to guidance through the entire litigation process and contains sample documents to use, tricks of the trade, and detailed checklists. 
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